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Our drug and alcohol addictions counselors are fully committed to our clients, their families and the community in order to help with the epidemic of substance abuse in the South Central Pennsylvania area.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers the highest quality treatment services available. Our valued clients are the reason we do this. We take each individual by the hand and help lead them through their own comprehensive Modern Recovery Program.

Are you or a loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol and ready for a change? Schedule an evaluation today by calling +1 717-991-4755 or email us at info@colonialparkiop.com.


Colonial Park IOP is partnered with major organizations locally and nationally to help provide the best care possible for those seeking help with their addiction,
as well as, the families of those wanting to break the chains of a drug and alcohol fueled life.
We also accept major Health Care Insurances and will work to accommodate those without coverage.

Colonial Park House, in conjunction with our boutique IOP, has served the community for several years and has significantly helped many with their journey to stay clean and sober.

“I signed up for 3 months right after my 28 day stay in a rehab. I ended up staying 9 months because I needed to stay in a stable safe place until I felt comfortable living life on my own. The curfew and the roommates were just that little bit I needed to stay clean. If I were on my own, with nothing, I would have relapsed already. Thank you for being there Colonial Park House”

Michael Z.

“My son went to the Colonial Park House and I am happy he did. My husband and I were not going to take him back, we love our son but it was just too much for us again and again. My son Jeffery thrived there, he got a job, went to meetings and is now working on over a year clean and sober”

Gina B.

“Trying to find a women’s sober house in the Harrisburg area was almost impossible. I work full time and need a suitable place where I feel comfortable, this place is it. As soon as I took a tour I knew this place was for me, nicely furnished, everything you can want in a nice sober house. Plus a live-in woman sober house manager!”

Shelly M.